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With Quill & Ink: January Updates

Here we are. January 2023. I am not entirely sure what happened to 2022; it was gone in the blink of an eye, and while it certainly was a bizarre year on many accounts, I can look back at it with the idea that I achieved things. Looking back, December is one of those months where I feel like things slow down a bit until Christmas (which was hectic in my case but all good fun), and then slows down again until New Year's Eve. I enjoy Christmas (not so much the time before it), but I love the lights, the decorations, and the ambiance. However, as soon as it's January 1st, it all has to go. I'm done. Time for the new year.

What am I currently working on?

I am still working on book 4. Sometimes, it feels like a never-ending story. I had hoped to write more during my Christmas break, but I got sick after Christmas, and somehow, I turned out to be way busier than intended. However, I finally finished the 2nd act and got into the third, which means I have gotten to the last bit where everything comes together, and I am excited to write it.

What am I watching?

My husband and I have been watching the Blacklist for a while, but it's one of those series that we watch on and off. We either binge it, or watch 1 episode after dinner, or not watch it for a week. Because of its intrigue, I find I need to at least have a bit of headspace while watching it, else I'll zone out and miss half the plot. That being said, we're somewhere in Season 5 now, and while I still like watching it (because I don't quite believe Reddington is who he says he is), I also feel like this is a really slow season.

I also binged Wednesday in two days, and I absolutely loved the show. Growing up with the Addams Family, it's iconic, and I love the spin they gave to it with the setting at the academy. And then there is Wednesday as a character herself. Wow. I loved Ortega's embodiment of her (my 8-year-old daughter does, too. She's trying to learn the Wednesday dance like everyone else in the world).

We also finished The Witcher: Blood Origin two nights ago. I enjoyed it, but... that was it. It was mostly entertaining (while I absolutely LOVE the Witcher with Geralt in it). Perhaps a lot got lost in translation with this mini series, I don't know, but I wouldn't watch it a second time.

What am I reading?

Tomorrow, I am meeting up with my first ever book club, and we're going to discuss 'Recursion' by Blake Crouch. I'd never heard of the book (or the author), but it blew me away. While I didn't necessarily connected with the characters, the plot was absolutely intriguing, and I really enjoyed his writing style. I haven't read so fast in a long time, but I was at page 130-something yesterday morning, and I finished the book (380 pages) before dinner. If you like science-fiction, this is definitely worth a read!

Because I still haven't finished the Final Gambit by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, I decided to finish it first before I get to anything new (which might be put aside again once the book club decides what the next book is going to be. I know if I sit down for it, I can finish it within a day, but... I also need to finish writing my own book. The choices to entertain myself are endless!

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