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Shaleira, first born and heir to the throne, is a skilled and fearless fighter. Her twin sister Azra, second in line, is most adept at court-intrigue. The youngest, Arayda, is the most skilled strategist Ilvanna has seen in many years.

When a rebellion rises, the three sisters combine their strength to save their realm. Caught between evil schemes, betrayals at every turn and ambitions that will change the course of the future, they must do whatever it takes to stop the enemy.

But how much will they sacrifice for Ilvanna? And will it be enough?

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Kara does it again!!

This is a great prequel to Crown of Conspiracy that draws you in from the off, filled with more twists and turns than there are pages. It leaves you wanting so much more.

~ Goodreads Reviewer ~

Although it is a free prequel, Song of Shadows could easily be mistaken for a standalone novel. There is no shortage of action – in fact, if anything, I found it a little tricky to keep up with the pace, and the different perspectives and characters (which only makes me look even more forward to spending more time with Weaver’s inventions in Crown of Conspiracy).

~ Goodreads Reviewer ~


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Path of Prophecy
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