She was trained to sell antiques. He was born to rule a realm. Facing the destruction of the world wasn’t in their plans.

Hadley Moore is a savvy, sassy, and accomplished senior auctioneer at the Art Antique Auction House. She is accustomed to being in control and doing things her way. But when she meets her new boss on the eve of the Erlandian Heritage auction, everything changes.


Charming and confident, Nathaniel Carlisle is used to living his life in the fast lane. As a successful entrepreneur of a well-established enterprise, he doesn’t take no for an answer. But when he buys the Art Antique Auction House to save it from disaster, he is not prepared for its senior auctioneer.


Their meeting sets in motion an uncontrollable and dangerous chain of events. After a blood-chilling vision, Hadley is faced with a shell-shocking revelation that flips her entire world upside down. And if that isn’t enough, she must also navigate the undeniable pull she feels towards her boss.


With events unfolding at a mind-boggling speed, Nathaniel has no choice but to involve Hadley. And that just makes the situation even more dangerous. Chased by people and monsters alike, not only must he save his world from destruction, but he must also keep her safe. Especially since her destiny and the future of his realm are somehow connected.


As their mutual attraction grows and with the future of Erlandia at stake, they must do whatever it takes to find the answer to their connection. But can they do it fast enough to rescue their world and save their love?


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