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Path of Prophecy | Kara S Weaver


Winning a war comes with a price. For Shalitha, it could be the last one she pays.

When Shalitha wakes up from her coma, she is a far cry from being able to wage a war. It takes all her willpower and help from Talnovar to regain her strength. With support from her friends and allies, she starts to work on a plan to return to Ilvanna and save her country from the tyrant queen. But when she loses her most powerful ally, those plans turn to ashes.

While Shalitha tries to find a way to return home, the situation in Ilvanna grows worse by the day. In her desperate attempt for control, the queen rules with terror. People are murdered if they fail to comply. The country is split in civil unrest. And to make matters worse, the goddess possessing the queen is ascending to her full power, threatening not just Ilvanna, but the entire world.

Struggling through the perilous desert and pursued by deadly assassins, Shalitha must do whatever is needed to reach the Ilvannian shores. But even if she makes it back to her country and gathers new forces, she must still outwit a murderous queen and defeat her considerable army.

Can she find a way to rescue Ilvanna and protect the world from destruction?

If you love thrilling high fantasy adventures laced with deep secrets, intrigue and deception, and twists and turns you won’t see coming, you’ll love this final instalment in the Ilvannian Chronicles. Get it now!


Weaver’s world is gritty and realistic, but richly detailed and amazing to exist in. Her characters are so well-developed that they feel like old friend and personal enemies. And the plot of this complex and entertaining tale has more twists and turns than a maze!

If you like fantasy worlds that feel real, and lived-in, characters you love and love to hate, and a story that will keep you on your toes as you breathlessly turn the next page, you will love The Ilvannian Chronicles and this book in particular!

Amazon Reviewer

Wow, wow, wow! Here I thought Crown of Conspiracy was fabulous and Dance of Despair incredible, but Whispers of War has just taken the series to another level. I laughed, I cried, and I cursed the whole way through. 

The settings are so well described the sounds, smells and sights are firmly planted in my head as I read. Shal's bloody battles leap off the pages and Tal's emotional struggles burrow deep into my mind, while Haer's determination and yearnings make me want to go 'Hell, yeah!" and hug him at the same time.
Only great writing and storytelling can do this to me. Well done!

Goodreads Reviewer


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Path of Prophecy
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