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Real betrayal never comes from enemies.

When Shalitha's life takes a dramatic, and dangerous turn for the worse, she must reconcile her new life with the old. Struggling to survive in a foreign country while adjusting to new rules and traditions, she longs for home. Alone, enslaved, and with nobody to trust, she sees no way out, until she meets an enigmatic stranger who makes it his mission to help her. But is he who he claims to be?

When the new tyrant queen of Ilvanna directs her focus at Talnovar, his will to survive is tested beyond compare. Facing his past is only the beginning. Abandoned by his friends, Tal has to push himself further and harder than ever to outsmart his enemy and honour the wishes of a dead queen. If that means relying on the help of his enemy, so be it.

If you love thrilling high fantasy adventures laced with deep secrets, intrigue and deception, and twists and turns you won't see coming, you'll love this sequel in the Ilvannian Chronicles. Get it now!


The Dance of Despair is an amazing book! Kara S. Weaver’s second book in her Ilvannian Chronicles is a gripping tale of love, loss, and survival stemming from the consequences of the conspiracies and intrigue detailed in her first book, Crown of Conspiracy.

Her world is richly detailed. Her characters are compellingly real. The dialogue is snappy and powerful. And the plot is super engaging.

~ Amazon Reviewer ~

Fantastic, amazing and unputdownable!

Oh my goodness! Kara S. Weaver has done it again! Only, this time it’s even better. Don’t get me wrong, Crown of Conspiracy is one heck of a fantasy book, but in this one she has really upped the game.


I ended up reading it from cover to cover in one sitting as I just couldn’t put it down.

~ Amazon Reviewer ~


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Path of Prophecy
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