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Explore the World of the Ilvannian Chronicles


As the legends go, Ilvanna, along with the rest of the world, was created by the Thirteen Gods over tens of thousands of years ago. Each God had their own part of the world, and some shared their territory. They created their children after their own image—elongated ears, athletic and lithe builds, tal land strong, and they in turn began to procreate. For a while, the Gods walked among them, sharing their magic, until the world could no longer contain them and they had to leave it behind, taking their magic with them.


As time wore on and memories of the Gods became myth and myths became legends, nobody alive could remember this time of peace and abundance. Instead, they’d become greedy, lusting more after wealth and power than they cared about the well-being of their world.


Ilvanna, known far and wide for its riches in ores and minerals as well as its blood-rituals and sacrifices, had always been a sought after country, but nobody dared defy its Ruler. Not until the uprising some 4000 years ago when the King’s first cousin murdered him in his sleep, claiming the throne for herself, and abolishing the blood-rituals and sacrifices. His followers were either exiled or sentenced to death. Where they went, nobody knows.


Since then, Ilvanna has seen a Matriarchy under the rule of the an Ilvan line and has seen war after war as neighbouring countries believed it to be weakened. Not one has ever succeeded in winning more than a few yards of land before the Ilvannian army swooped down and decimated their numbers. Despite being a rather small country, Ilvanna is well-defended, its secrets only known to its ruling family.



The descendant to the throne of Ilvanna is always female. Should the current Tari not provide an heiress, either a sister, a cousin or a niece will be the next in line based on who is the eldest.


Although Ilvanna is a Matriarchy, the Tari makes her decisions together with a council of men and women all of whom bear a noble lineage. Due to the longevity of Ilvannians, these positions only open up when a council member dies, or when a new Tari ascends the throne. She may either choose to rule with the same council as her predecessor, or choose new members. The only position she cannot choose is the Head of the Council. This title is passed from mother to daughter as well.


The Army is the only body of state which can be commanded by either a male or a female depending on who is the best candidate for this position. Royal sons are often offered the title of Zheràn, or general in the common tongue, but only if they are deserving of it. A royal son may choose to accept or decline, but aside from their lineage, it’s the only title they can hold.

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