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2020 Resolutions


2020. A new year. A new decade. The year in which I'll turn thirty-five. I've made it! For some reason, time in that regard doesn't bother me as much as, for example, the swift passing of a day off. I sometimes feel as if there aren't enough hours in a day to accomplish what I want, and I get upset that I've been procrastinating-not doing what I should have been doing, and all that nonsense. Because really, who told me it must be done right at that moment?

One of the things I want to change in 2020 and forward is being more mindful, live in the present rather than the past or worry about the future, which brings me to the reason for this post. New Year's resolutions. We all make them, but do we stick by them? And why is it so important that we make new resolutions at the start of a year? Why not halfway a week in the middle of a month three quarters into the year? Personally, I like when things start at a 'beginning'. On a Monday, the first day of a month, or even the first day of a year.

Without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2020.

1. Start living healthier.

This sounds like 'well, of course' resolution, because living healthy is important, it's just not as easy as it all sounds, especially if you're stuck in habits. On top of that, my reason for this has two sides. I need to get healthier so my body can deal with the Fibromyalgia better. Eating healthier, but also exercising will lessen both the pain and the fatigue. I'm currently unhealthy and not exercising because of the pain and fatigue. Lovely spiral, don't you think? On top of that, I can do with losing some weight. I'm not severely obese or anything, but losing around 10 to 15 kgs would help in so many departments (fibro and mentally).

2. Practice mindfulness.

In the past, I've done a rigid 4-month rehabilitation program to learn to live with my chronic illness. Not only did I exercise 2 to 3 times a week, I also learned mindfulness. Stress and worrying isn't conducive to my illness; it adds to the fatigue and the pain. I can deal with the pain, but not with being overly exhausted. Mindfulness will help me get a grip on my emotions, I hope.

3. Publish my second novel.

This really doesn't need explaining, does it?

4. Write book 3 in The Ilvannian Chronicles

With book 2 hard on its way to being published, I will have to start on book 3! I hope to start writing it soon into 2020, and get into edits and revisions this year as well! Who knows, maybe I can publish book 3 in 2020 as well.

5. Focus on marketing my novels better and more in various ways.

Crown of Conspiracy, the first book in a series of four, was released in June 2019, and I think I've sold around a 100 copies all in all. Not bad, I think, but obviously, it would be great if I could sell more steadily. I would love to be able to do book events but admittedly, there aren't a lot of those here in the Netherlands (unless you write in Dutch, I suppose, which I don't). On top of that, if you want to do marketing well, advertising specifically, you need money. Lots of it too if you want to be consistent. So I'm going to have to look into my options.

6. Do more fun things with the children.

When my health gets better, I hope to be able to do more with my kids; go out, see things, do things, all of that. Right now, I have to choose between being able to work, and doing all the fun stuff. Guess what (sadly) has to come first?

7. Read more. Write more. Love more. Enjoy more.

Pretty self explanatory.

Every month, I'll be posting goals on my Instagram. I find doing that helps me keep myself accountable.

What are your New Year's resolutions?

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