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Kara S. Weaver | Fantasy Writer

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When past and future come together,

And love and hatred silently gather,

When darkness your only companion at night,

Only then shall be your return to the light. 

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When past and future come together,

And love and hatred silently gather,

When darkness your only companion at night,

Only then shall be your return to the light. 

You’ll love this thrilling high fantasy adventure, laced with deep secrets, intrigue and deception, with twists and turns you won’t see coming.


Thrilling high fantasy adventure, laced with deep secrets, intrigue and deception.

With time her deadliest enemy, can she unravel the conspiracy threatening her future?


With courtesy of a God’s prophecy bestowed upon her at birth, Shalitha has grown up sheltered at the palace of Ilvanna. Virtually a prisoner in her own home, freedom is all she really wants. But how far will she go to gain it?


It’s when fate suddenly turns, and she stands to inherit the throne that she becomes the primary target of a deep-rooted conspiracy. Forced to save the ones she loves and those she’s bound to rule secrecy is her only weapon.


With time working against her she struggles to prevent the deadly war threatening her beloved realm, but does she have what it takes to outsmart her opponents and survive?

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When you grin like an idiot over the relationship issues and sarcastic comments from the good guys and when you start a hate-love relationship with the bad guys, then you know the author must have done it right. Crown of Conspiracy is a heart-melting fantasy novel and a must read for everyone from young adult to romance fantasy.

An engaging story with some dark unexpected twists wrapped in a refreshingly comfortable read...


The fortitude of character shown by the main character against everything the antagonists throw at her is astounding.


Indie Author. Imaginitive. Storyteller

In real life, I’m a rather quiet, introverted person who enjoys meeting people, but I love being on my own just as much. I live in the Netherlands with my husband, two children and a cat, where I teach English in Secondary school by day, and am an aspiring author by night.


Fantasy has always been my first love. Around the age of thirteen, my mother gave me the Dutch version of the Lord of the Rings. It was absolutely amazing, and truly stunning, but for a reason I can’t remember, I wanted to read it in English. I loved it even more, and decided I was never going back to reading Dutch books, except those necessary for school, obviously.


The problem was that English paperbacks were hard to come by those days, so I frequently travelled to Amsterdam where I’d found a bookstore with a wide variety of fantasy authors. Amongst my first books were the Deverry series by Katherine Kerr, and I think that’s when my real love started, and my budding wish to become an author took fruition.

Sadly, I left it to be that; a wish. While I did write entire novel-length, bookworthy manuscripts, by the time I graduated high school, and was forced to decide what to do with the rest of my life, I left writing for what it was. The wish remained.


Fast forward to 2018 when I was challenged by a friend to participate in NaNoWriMo. I figured I had nothing left to lose, so I grabbed my laptop on the 1st of November, dusted off an ancient prophecy I’d come up with in my teens, and started writing for thirty long days, accompanied by coffee, cookies, chocolate and music.

A week after NaNoWriMo, I finished the first draft and started on the second, having a pretty good idea of where I wanted the story to go, and it was during that time I began to realise my lifelong dream might not be a dream anymore.

It had become a wish with a plan.


"You're going to be someone's favourite author one day."