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With Quill & Ink: February News & Updates

January has gone by like a demon on speed, and it didn't even say goodbye! But I'd say, good riddance. It's been a tough month for me, but at the same time, a few good things did happen.

My daughter turned 7, and I published my fantasy romance Soulborn. Best to focus on that, right?

What am I currently working on?

With Soulborn published, it's time to return to the last instalment of the Ilvannian Chronicles. It currently has the working title Horizon of Hope, but unlike the other three books, I don't think it will stick. After Crown of Conspiracy, Dance of Despair, and Whispers of War, it sounds almost too sweet, don't you think? Also, knowing me, I wouldn't be surprised it it somehow ends up being book 4 and 5. The reason for this would be the fact that I've added another POV to this book, one who has been clamouring for attention to tell his side of the story, and he's a very persuasive person.

Aside from this, I have several ideas for other books. Two of them would take place in the world of Soulborn and become part of The Erlandian Chronicles, another might either be high fantasy/dark fantasy story or a fantasy romance, depending on which way I decide to go. The last idea I'm playing with is a short story that I want to hand in for an anthology, but that idea is still rather vague.

What am I reading?

Well, what I'm reading is a bit of a toss up between what I must read for school and what I feel like reading. I've started several books for myself, such as The Gilded Cage by Nynette Loni, and Aurora's End by Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufmann, but I hardly pick them up. For school, I just finished a bunch of literary books, some of which were really odd and not the kind of books I'd pick up myself. They weren't bad, for the most part, just odd. The next book for school is Gulliver's Travels, so I'm going to start on that tomorrow and try to get a head start (so I won't fall behind like I did with Modern Literature).

What am I watching?

The one series I watch every night is Chicago Fire. In way, it's wholesome and easy to watch. There's enough action, a good plot line, and I don't have to think too hard while watching it.

Unlike The Wheel of Time. I love the show, I really do, but as with reading, I need brainspace to watch it because so much is going on. I'll catch up... at some point. And then there's The Legend of Vox Machina! I am absolutely sold on this show. Although gory and filled with cussing, the wordplays are absolutely fantastic, the characters and storyline intriguing, and it's drawn really, really well. And... short episodes! What more could a girl want?

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Thank you

For all your support. It means a lot to me.



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